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The Dukes Trophy

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In memory of his Highness Prince Phillip the Duke of Edinburgh,

The Duke's Trophy was made in 2021 by Nick Challinor 

  For an inhouse competition for our members -  Introduced and conceived by Roger Edwards

A Singles, Level Play (no handicaps), One Ball, Golf Croquet, Short Lawn, Knockout Competition  - with a plate prize for those knocked out in the first round



Roger, Frances, Glenna, Linda, Jackie, Janet, Lynn, Alan, Bob, Jean, Alison, Jeff, Cecilia, Roy & Beryl

(not in shot Keith and Nick - taking the photo)

         Our 17 competitors took part in todays one ball challenge,  


 There are two prizes:

The Dukes Trophy -  for the overall winner

         The Plate Competition (winner of contestants knocked out in the first round).


           below a small snapshot of the day's events

along with the knockout listings


Don't forget to check out our facebook page too,

for more info and pictures 

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A huge Congratulations to our Winner of

The Dukes Trophy - Roger  and to Jean for winning the "Pl;ate Prize "

presented by our Chairman Roy

Todays Order of Play
The Dukes Trophy Matches


The Plate Prize 


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