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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join Craig-y-Don Croquet Club?

You can find a membership application form on our Membership Page  (or in the clubhouse)
 Along with a list of our current fees and a link to our Club Rules and Regulations.



What are the different types of Croquet played at the club?

We mostly play Golf Croquet, this is the first singles player or doubles team to run 7 hoops in a particular order. That usually takes around 50 minutes.

and we have a few members that play Association Croquet (a more complicated and longer game - much like snooker/billiards)

What is Croquet handicapping ?

It is a means of different standard players playing a game on relatively equal terms.

In golf croquet, a strong player maybe given a handicap of 6 and a new player a handicap of 12 - This means the strong player in a game would have to run/play more hoops than the weaker player. In Association croquet a system using bisques ( free shots) is employed to level the play.

 These handicapping systems can all be explained in more detail by experienced club players on court or found on the Croquet England website - Setting an Initial Handicap

 To get a club handicap, you will need to be assessed - Our contacts for handicapping are:  

Nick Challinor (Golf Croquet) who can arrange this with you - or turn up on a Tuesday morning for an assessment  

Jack Pattenden (Association) who will also be happy to arrange this with you

Do you offer guest passes?

Yes, but - Guests must be accompanied by Club members to gain access to the clubhouse and equipment. They must have the basic health and safety guidance given by a club member and should only play on their own if they are experienced croquet players , (members of the Croquet Association). A green fee donation of £5.00 per session is requested.

( a session is morning/afternoon/evening)

Do you have to wear white at the club when playing croquet?

We like you to continue the croquet tradition of wearing white when playing in matches certainly in tournaments and for Club competitions- but when playing casually at the club,  it's up to you. Always wear flat soled shoes and shoes should cover toes to offer some protection from a moving ball, mallet stroke of toes stubbing a hoop.

Do I need my own Mallet?

The club has some mallets new members and guests can use, until they feel the need to purchase their own.

Can I put my foot on the ball ? 


You must strike the ball with either end face of the mallet but with no other part. The ball must be struck cleanly. You cannot move hoops or the peg to enable a shot to be played. Putting your foot on your ball (or indeed touching any ball with your foot) is not allowed.

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