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             There are two forms of Croquet, both played socially and competitively up to international level.



 Association Croquet 


A game of complex strategy and high levels of skill, and is similar in many ways to games like snooker or pool.,


 Golf Croquet ,


Is quick to learn but requires accuracy and tactics to master, often taking something like 50 minutes



Here at Craig-y-Don Croquet Club we play mostly Golf Croquet, but we do have a few members' that also play Association Croquet. (Training sessions and play now Mondays & Fridays)


    Croquet can be picked up and played by beginners very rapidly, a game for any age and of any gender.

Both forms of the game may be played as singles or doubles and many people enjoy playing both, as skills learned in one form of the game may be applied to the other.

         Croquet's' effective handicap system recognises smart thinking as much as physical skill, so everyone has a good chance of winning.

   As with any game, the best players probably start young but many take it up after retiring from more energetic pursuits. It can be as skilful as you want it to be – advanced players can take it very seriously but most club members probably see it as a relaxing and friendly way of passing an afternoon.

      The drop downs for 'Game Rules' will give you a guide to the rules of both along with the latest Rules recently covered by Martin Tovey and  links to the full croquet rules 6th Edition – and a link to the comparisons between 5th and 6th edition from -  CA (GC Rules Committee).

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