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LLanfairfechan, Llanidloes & Craig-y-Don

Welsh Croquet Club Championship
Northern Area heat 2023


Congratulations to our very own CYD Team
"The Goats", who won this years Northern heats Receiving the Welsh Trophy to take to Llandeilo's for the Welsh Team Championships

Craig- y-Don Teams


Goats .......Glyn, Roy, Alan, Roger and Nick (Cpt)

Butterflies = ...Cecilia, Jean, Linda, Beth, Betty.....Reserve – Jackie Shaw

Butterfly’s non playing captain – Janet


On a Sunny but windy and blustery day, gazebo's doubley anchored down
the Welsh Northern Heats took place on the marvelous lawns of Llanfairfechan
Tightly contested games were played throughout the day

with the CYD Goats winning the day by one point.



Goats and Butterflies Beth, Glyn, Roger, Roy, Janet. Jackie, Cecilia, Betty, Jean, Alan, Linda and Nick

Llanfairfechan -

Llanfairfechan -


Llanfairfechan -

Llanfairfechan -




Butterflies Jean, Beth,Cecilia, Betty,Jackie, Linda and Janet (Cpt)

We would love a team photo of Llanidloes - if anyone has one please send it in.

The result of the Northern heat of the Welsh level play golf tournament played today was as follows:


1st: Craig y Don  Goats team

2nd:  Llanfairfechan Seagulls team

3rd: Llanfairfechan Puffins team

The Seagulls and Goats were tied on the number of match wins, match draws, game wins, but CYD Goats had one extra hoop that was run in the 50 minute games played. ie  50 hoops compared to 49 hoops.


Both the Seagulls and Goats Captains were consulted over the Match Result Sheet and agreed the win to CYD Goats.  

A Huge Thank you to  Llanfairfechan for hosting this great event again.

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