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The Presidents Cup
The Chairman's Cup

(Challenge Cup)

The draw has now been made and posted on the notice board.

Please endeavor to play all matches up to the semifinal stage by the first week in August.
Your current Handicaps are displayed in brackets next to your name.

  The Chairman's Cup

is played under Advantage handicap rules.

Copy of Draw Sheet

The President cup

Copy of Draw Sheet

As we no longer use bisques a modified form of advantage handicaps will be used for the short lawn


Those with a handicap of 6 or less need run a total of 8 hoops to win.

Those with a handicap of 7 to 10 need to run a total 7 hoops to win.

Those with a handicap of 11 and above need to run 6 hoops to win

If a game is undecided by hoop 12 then continue via Golden hoop 13and if necessary to hoop 14 and beyond. Remember at the golden hoop stage and beyond the offside law still applies.

The semis and finals are played on a day in late August or September to be chosen to suit the convenience of all who make it through.
Although these are competitions they are played in a friendly spirit which makes each game an enjoyable occasion 


We would like to see all members handicapped -  the contacts for handicapping are:

Nick Challinor (Golf Croquet) who can arrange this with you - or turn up on a Tuesday morning for an assessment


Jack Pattenden (Association) who will also be happy to arrange this with you

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