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The Dukes Trophy


In memory of his Highness Prince Phillip the Duke of Edinburgh,

The Duke's Trophy was made in 2021 by Nick Challinor 

  For an inhouse competition for our members -  Introduced and conceived by Roger Edwards

Dukes Trophy 2021_edited_edited.jpg

A Singles, Level Play (no handicaps), One Ball, Golf Croquet, Short Lawn, Knockout Competition  - with a plate prize for those knocked out in the first round



Janet, Betty, Roy, Alison, Cecilia, Jack, Helen, Linda, Nick, Beth, Roger, Elaine, John and Alan -  

Glen and Jeffrey(not in shot)

         Our 16 competitors fiercely contested todays one ball challenge,  


 There are two prizes:

The Dukes Trophy -  for the overall winner

         The Plate Competition (winner of contestants knocked out in the first round).


           below a small snapshot of the day's events

along with the knockout listings


Don't forget to check out our facebook page too,

for more info and pictures 

Todays Order of Play

The Dukes Trophy Matches
The Plate Prize 
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